Vintage Look Dress

Size Guide

Remember Gucci and Valentino's super ruffled dresses from a couple of seasons ago? I think they look very close to this one. Inspired from older days ruffles and high necklines and layers.

This dress embodies elegance with a vintage flair while being brand new.

Ruffled high neckline, ruffles above the bust, long sleeves with ruffled elastic cuffs and ruffled elasticized waist band. Ruffles everywhere!!

The skirt is multi layered of ruffled hems.

In the back, you get 6 buttons closing up from the mid back to the neckline.

All ruffles are undone hems, so you get a lot of string dangling down, but it's all part of the charm of this dress.

  • Designed and made in Turkey.
  • Silk Chiffon