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Aleppo Black Soap Body Peeling

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Give yourself your very own Hammam at home!

Najel's Aleppo black soap is 100% natural and made using noble olive oils and laurel berries of which genuine Aleppo soap is made.

This natural soap paste is a grainless cleansing exfoliant. Gentle and purifying, it is suitable for all skin types.

Advantage: the antiseptic benefits and refreshing scent are based from the essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus. Najel combines this with black soap for purifying relaxation. Scrub your body every week for soft, healthy skin.


Packed in a brown colored satin PP pot with a lid and seal. 

Black soap can be used wearing a black glove to rub in circular movements or with a loofah glove for an exfoliating massage.