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Aleppo Soap Shampoo 2 in 1

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Najel’s organic, sulfate free shampoo is formulated for oily hair to rebalance the scalp. With its added-in conditioner, this cleansing shampoo gently dries out excess oil while keeping the hair soft.

This shampoo brings you genuine Aleppo Soap in liquid form combined with a mix of plant extracts to restore softness and vitality to your hair:

  • Nettle is a natural astringent, valued for its anti-dandruff properties.
  • Southern maidenhair fern acts as a reconstructing agent to reinvigorate hair.
  • Watercress has anti-seborrhea properties, reducing skin oil by controlling excess sebum. It also has soothing and toning virtues.
  • Chamomile water has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

This Aleppo Soap Shampoo for oily hair is an effective conditioner that leaves supple, soft and radiant.