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Anti-Anging Firming Face Cream

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Najel Anti-Aging Firming Cream is an anti-wrinkle and moisturizing treatment used to support smooth, plumped and moisturized skin. Fragrance-free, these Najel creams are designed to be used by everyone. It contains Cactus seed oil, known for its anti-aging effect on the skin.

It also contains the below plant extracts with different benefits:
- Damascus Rose flower water helps to fight against skin aging.
- Cactus cladodes juice (branches/leaves) are rich in plant sugars which moisturizes your skin.
- Extract of horse chestnut blossom is known to significantly reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

Najel's anti-wrinkle cream acts directly under the wrinkles of the eye area, at the dermal-epidermal junction and in the dermis, firming the skin and ensuring long-lasting hydration. 

After conducting a study, the results clearly show a significant reduction in the visibility of wrinkles after 28 days of application. The firming cream has been tested on 20 adult volunteers for 28 days with 2 applications per day, on morning and evening. Clinical scoring showed a statistically significant reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles and folds in the naso-labial wrinkles.