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Apricot Oil

Size Guide

Najel Organic Apricot Oil is a brightening oil to use daily for a glowing complexion. Both soothing and regenerating, it will restore your skin’s radiance and tone. Its emollient virtues will leave skin soft and moisturized. In addition to restoring a dull complexion, apricot oil is also an effective anti-aging treatment due to its high levels of vitamins A and E. These have regenerating effects which combat aging of the skin.

Can also be used on hair.


  • An orangey-yellow oil with a fine, smooth texture. It is ideal to use as a primer before applying your day cream.
  • Skin types: dry, combination, mature, sensitive, irritated, dull skins.
  • Hair types: dry hair, thinning hair.

It is packaged in an amber PET bottle with a black pump dropper.