M. Marquise


Etolia Evening Gown in Emerald

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Think of a glamorous night, dazzling lights, and you in this mesmerizing emerald dress. 

With a sweetheart beaded neckline attached to an illusion of a tulle net holding it all up till your collar bone. And in the back, can be fastened with a pop button. It will look like the dress is just hanging from your shoulders.

  • All handmade beading on a silk chiffon neckline and detachable belt.
  • Draping bust all the way down to reveal a high slit on the leg.
  • This beauty is made in Romania by a Romanian designer.
  • European sizing. 

This dress is only available in Emerald. 

Due to the lock down circumstances of COVID-19, we are unable to photoshoot our new products, thus resorting to brand images of their available colors.

Please excuse this inconvenience.